Money conscious bride? or on a budget?

January 25, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hampshire,Surrey,Sussex,Wedding Planning

Are you a money conscious bride looking to keep costs down, or working to a budget? A money conscious bride does not always mean working to a strict budget, they just know what they are comfortable spending. This allows them to have some flexibility when the product or service is right for them. Brides on a budget however do have a strict allowance, and we advise that if this is you that you take everything into consideration and work out what is most important to you.

We all know how expensive weddings can be, but believe us it can be done on a budget. When planning your wedding you have to put it into perspective and work out if you want a big day to show off, or you just want to keep it small and simple and enjoy the day with those closest to you.

I have been to and seen so many lavish, blow out weddings Some were incredible, others were dare I say it, a bit boring until the evening do kicked in. People just want to see you tie the knot and then all they are concerned about is having a party!

Let’s face it, that’s what weddings are all about!

Here are our tips to help you stick to a budget, or simply just keep costs down:

Guest List – The cost per head is your biggest expense so it may sound harsh but be ruthless. Keep your guest list limited to just close friends & family during the day.

Choose a beautiful setting – There are so many gorgeous venues out there, choose one that has a beautiful back drop & lovely features & interiors. This will cut the cost of having to pay out for lots of decorations to dress the venue and also give you the chance to have some amazing pictures.

Choose a reception venue – Opt for a reception venue that caters for weddings, they will have all the tables, linen, chairs, staff etc and will be able to cater for you and your guests with out the need to hire in. If you want to cut costs then a Marquee and some barn weddings may not be able to offer you a full package,  but don’t rule them out completely as some companies will also be able to offer you a package deal.

Shop the sales – Wedding dresses can be very expensive, however most boutiques will always have a sale rail where you can pick up a beautiful bargain. (See our recent blog post about wedding dress sales and designer events.)

Have a weekday wedding – Fridays & Saturdays are the most popular and expensive days to get married, for obvious reasons. Pick another day of the week, even Sundays are becoming a popular day for weddings.

Forget the favours – Now you might be thinking ‘WHAT?!?’ But how about adding your own personal touch and going for a DIY option or simply writing a personal note to each guest.

Less booze – Everyone expects the alcohol to be flowing at a wedding, and it still can, but limit how much you offer your guests. You can also change the champagne toast to a cheaper sparkling wine, or opt not to have one at all. If you are putting wine on the table your guests can toast with this.

Start the wedding later in the day – If you have an early wedding you will need to keep your guests entertained all day and provide them with food & drinks or they will get bored waiting around. If you are having a wedding breakfast earlier in the day you will also have to offer more food in the evening to make sure your guests aren’t hungry. If you have a later wedding you will be providing them with a meal and a light snack in the evening, and less refreshments and entertainment needed through out the day.

Get a DJ – Wedding entertainment can be expensive, we would advise that you go for a good wedding DJ to save costs on a live band. Check a few DJs out first to make sure you are not getting any ‘Disco Dave’s’ and make it clear what music you would like. A good DJ will ask you to send them a play list so they get an idea of your style.


Lastly, enjoy your wedding planning, don’t get stressed, stay calm,  and relax!