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January 9, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Hampshire,Meet the suppliers

This week we invited Carrie, from Carrie Lavers Photography to feature in our meet the supplier blog! 

We loved reading all about Carrie’s love of weddings and how she works, we hope you enjoy it too and if you are looking for a photographer then Carrie Lavers Photography comes highly recommended by us….we LOVE her work!


When did your love of photography start?

I’ve always loved taking pictures. I can’t remember not having a camera. I love to document life. On holiday, birthdays, Christmas, any special occasion I’ve always been the one taking pictures. I think this is why my style is very informal and relaxed as I use the same approach to capturing life as I do to capturing couples weddings. I let the day unfold, naturally rather than force situations. I just follow in the background with my camera.

What is it about weddings you love?

There is nothing about weddings that I don’t love! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT WEDDINGS! Every wedding is magical and different. I love seeing how couples personalities are reflected in their days. I love to see the love between the couples and the special relationships between them and their guests whether that be the bride and her father or the groom and his best man. I love being with the bride in the morning when she is getting ready with her girlfriends and hear them laugh. I love seeing the brides reaction when she is all dressed and sees herself in the mirror for the first time. I love seeing the reaction of the brides mum and dad when she walks into the room. I love the grooms reaction when she walks down the aisle. I love the speeches and hearing stories of the couple, how much they mean to each other and seeing the groom mortified as his best man spills the beans. I love all the details, flowers, stationary, favours, table settings, the food (esp the cake!)… I spot everything and make sure I get a picture of it! Brides work so hard on the details of their day I make sure I get memories for them. And finally I love the moments, all different and all special, a hug, a laugh, a crazy dance move.

Do you have a favourite venue that you like to work with?

I like working in any venue! They are all so different and beautiful in their own unique way and I love seeing what brides do with the venues to add personal touches.

How do you make couples feel relaxed on their big day?

First of all I always make sure that when booking me as their photographer we have a FaceTime chat so that we can meet ‘face to face’ so that the couple can see me, ask me any questions and I like to speak to them to find out how they met, how long they’ve been engaged, the proposal etc… This starts off the relationship.

As part of my package I offer an engagement shoot. This is a great chance for us to meet up at somewhere that is special to the couple where we literally just hang out for a few hours and I take some snaps. This enables us to get to know each other more and the couple also get used to how I work and start to feel more relaxed in front of the camera. They also get some pretty cool shots!
A few days before the wedding I have another FaceTime call with the bride to go through final timings and I work around their schedule and arrive whenever they need me to. I always tell the bride at this point my travel plans so she doesn’t worry about me getting there and I also tell them that I will be in the area 1-2 hours prior to when they need me just incase.

On the actual day, I make sure I am on time and then I just let the day happen. I find that being natural and just letting things unfold makes the bride and groom far more relaxed then a photographer who is bossing them around trying to get staged shots. I also try to be funny! Sometimes works sometimes doesn’t. But I think the bride and groom like to have a photographer with a bit of personality as that also helps them relax. For me its not just about the couple, its about making everyone feel relaxed too. For example I always make sure I introduce myself to the bride and grooms immediate family so that they feel at ease too.

What style of photography do you use?

I am a documentary photographer, which basically means I just take pictures as the day unfolds capturing all the little and big moments. I would say that my editing style is quite unique. I like contrast in pictures, light and shade and like a lot of depth in my images. I love colour and rarely use black and white unless I feel it suites the picture better than colour.

If you could work with any photographer who would it be?

Thats an easy one. It would be Samuel Docker. He photographed my wedding back in 2014 and my brothers wedding this year and he is AMAZING! I chose him as he really captured weddings how I would have captured my wedding if I could have photographed it. He is also the nicest bloke so it would be so much fun to work with him. We also have a shared love of Ryan Gosling!


How do you prepare for a wedding shoot?

Above all else I make sure I am organised. Being a crazy organised person helps! I make sure I have all the details I need, addresses, contacts, maps. I make sure I’ve worked out routes and timings. I make sure I have the running order of the day and work out when my best opportunities are to spend time with the couple. I ensure I look at the the venues as much as I can online so I know a little better what to expect. I then also make sure that I get to the venue 1-2 hours before the couple need me so I can have a scope out of locations and lighting. I make sure all my equipment is working and clean and I carry back ups of everything. Finally I make sure the car is full of petrol and I always carry my pretty umbrella in case it rains and the bride needs it!



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