Kasserina Cakes

Kasserina creates bespoke centrepieces, completely tailored to your vision.

I’m known for my outstanding quality of finish, as well as for the cakes tasting as good as they look.

Do take a look at my website to see examples of my work, and flavour suggestions, or feel free to email me at info@kasserina.com with any ideas.

My passion is using naturally sourced, top quality ingredients and not chemical additives so the lemon cake is made with real lemons, the chocolate frosting is made with real chocolate, the vanilla frosting is made with real vanilla bean and there is no nasty chemical aftertaste with my cakes.

Everything is made from scratch and to order, so I NEVER freeze cakes!  Unlike many other bakeries, Kasserina cakes are all suitable for your vegetarian guests too.

Please do contact me to discuss your needs and we can design a centrepiece just for you.