The First Dance in 5 simple steps

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I was lucky enough to meet Laura in a networking group, The Wedding Suppliers Group. After hearing more about her business, First Love Dance I thought it would be perfect invite Laura to share her expertise with all you lovely brides to be. 

When thinking about your first dance here’s a few planning tips to get you started;


So many couples stress about song choice for the first dance, especially if you don’t already have a special song. As a wedding choreographer I have heard plenty of first dance songs, and can honestly say anything goes. I have worked with couples that chose songs by Nickleback , The Darkness, Ed Sheeran, Goo Goo Dolls, Savage Garden and more. So don’t panic if you like a song that doesn’t automatically scream the typical first dance. 


After choosing your song, actually dance to it with your partner! In this day and age, we don’t dance with our partners like they used to in the ‘good old days’. Having a practice even if you aren’t taking lessons is really important. You need to get comfortable dancing not only to your chosen song but with your partner.


If you plan on taking lessons you need to start a minimum of 3 months before the big day, depending on how adventurous you are going to be. Don’t leave it too late to try and learn a dance before the big day, you won’t have time and probably won’t remember it. 


Remember to tell your photographer or videographer if you are doing a choreographed first dance, that way they can get all the great action shots that you will have spent ages trying to perfect.

“Ssssh! Its’s a secret!” keep your choreographed first dance under wraps from your guests, chances are it will really surprise them, which then evokes loud cheers and crying (usually mums).


Practice!!! It’s really key to banishing awkward shuffling, and nailing your steps. Practice in your shoes.  Heels can throw your balance off so make sure you can walk in your shoes first then dance. The more practice you put in the less you stress about steps or feel embarrassed, the more you enjoy the dance. 


Laura Mendes

First Love Dance

078178 66980



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