Everything you need to know about booking a wedding band but are too scared to ask!

April 25, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Music & Entertainment,Wedding Advice,Wedding Planning

A live band is the perfect way to end your big day in style. If you are worried about having an empty dance floor or your wedding ending with a simper rather than a bang then booking a professional band will alleviate these problems and allow you to really let your hair down and enjoy some fun dance floor shenanigans!

As with most things when planning a wedding, you probably won’t have done it before so very often don’t know where to start. To help, we’ve provided a guide to help you choose the right band and ensure you get the most out of their performance.


1. Your Venue
Before you do anything you should speak to your venue. You might be surprised to know that not all venues are suitable for live music or at least, they may only be able to cater for certain types of bands.

Questions to ask your venue:

– Do you allow live music?

– Do you have any sound limiters in place?
– What size performance area is available for the band to set up in?

– Is there somewhere for the band to unload their equipment and then park?

– Do you have any restrictions the band should be aware of?

Once you have this information, you can then make a more informed decision of the style of band you would like. For example if you would like a heavy rock band but the venue have a strict sound limiter in place, they would not be suitable. This is the same if you would like a 12-piece soul band but only have a small stage and dance floor.


2. Finding your band
As with most things wedding related you will either turn to google or your favourite wedding magazine or blog to help you the right band. You may also consider using a reputable entertainment agency as they will have already dealt with the vetting of the bands so you just have the fun part of ‘shopping’ for your perfect act. When researching bands you should consider the following points:

– Have they invested in themselves? A band with good marketing material (photographs, videos, sound clips etc. ) will have invested  time and money into these things and so are more likely to take what they do seriously.

– Do they have previous references and recommendations? You can ask for contact details to make sure these are genuine

– Have they got a facebook page with pictures and interaction from other brides and grooms who have booked them previously?

– Are they responding to your quote request and questions quickly? If you are struggling to get in touch with them now, imagine how you will feel with only a couple of weeks to go. This is why many brides and grooms choose to book via a reputable agency, as they are easily contactable and on hand to help with any queries.


3. Completing your booking
once you have found the perfect band and you are happy they are professional and reliable, you should expect to pay a non –refundable deposit. Before you do this it would be advisable to ask the following questions:
* Do you have PLI (Public Liability Insurance) and PAT (Portable appliance testing) certificates? These are likely to be required by your venue.

*  What is your cancellation policy? You need to know what happens if unfortunately either you or the band need to cancel the booking in the lead up to the wedding.

* What emergency cover do you offer? If you book via a band direct and the lead singer was sick on the day or they broke down on the way, you will very often not have any contingency in place. With a reputable agency, they should offer a 24-hour emergency service whereby they would be on hand to fix any problems and if necessary organise a replacement band.

* Are you fully self-contained with PA and lighting? Most bands will come with everything they require for the performance but some may not so this is important to know before you pay the deposit, as hiring your own PA could be costly.


4. In the lead up
In the words of Tom Jones, it’s not unusual for you to not hear from the band until around 3-4 weeks before. If you book via an agency, often all your correspondence is dealt with via them as they can keep records of everything you request and make sure the bands records are up to date with regards to timings etc . At the 3-4 week point you will have a clear idea of exactly what you want. You also need to remember that if you have booked a professional band they will be performing at 2-3 other weddings and events a week so speaking to them at this stage will mean your information is more fresh in their minds rather than going through everything 6 months in advance when they will have around 50 other weddings to perform at before yours.


**Top tip – Feed your band!
They will have likely driven anywhere between 1-3 hours to get to your venue before unloading lots of heavy equipment so looking after your band with food and drink will help keep their energy up and ensure an awesome performance for you and your guests!


5. Your big day
Relax, kick your shoes off and throw some shapes on the dance floor with all your family and friends and enjoy your amazing band!


Blog by Tracey Warren @ Warble Entertainment Agency Ltd