5 Questions To Ask Your Venue Before You Book Your Wedding Band

September 21, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Music & Entertainment,Wedding Advice,Wedding dress

Having a killer live band or entertainment is important for most couples on their wedding day, but what important things do you need to know about your venue before you book your wedding band?

If you are about to meet with your wedding venue then here is a list of essential questions that you will definitely want the answers to! 

1. Does the venue allow live music?

Without a shadow of a doubt, this should be question number one on your list. It’s very unlikely that the venue won’t allow live music, in fact 90% or more do allow it – but never assume! Obviously if for any reason the answer is no (this might be down to sound limitations or licensing), then it may be worth reassessing your chosen venue.  


2. Is there a sound limiter in place?

A common worry for brides and grooms when booking a wedding band is if the venue itself has a sound limiter. Yes it’s true that a limiter can cause some issues with what kind of band you book, but it definitely doesn’t mean you can’t have any live music whatsoever! 

The most important thing to find out is what the actual limit is. Some venues are stricter than others in this regard but other venues will be more forgiving, meaning you can still have an awesome band perform on the night.




3. Is there a curfew at the venue?

You’ll find that curfews occur more often in city venues or hotels with guests, but it is definitely something to ask either way. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a party animal and plan on staying up through to the wee hours of the morning then you’ll want to consider venues that are licensed to allow either a late or better yet, no curfew! 

This can also affect your chosen wedding band. Most bands will play through ’til around midnight (or a little later if asked), but of course will have to finish things up a little earlier if a curfew is in place. 




4. How big is the stage or performance area?

You may have your heart set on a whopping 10-12 piece Jazz & Swing band for your wedding, but if you’ve landed yourself an intimate venue with minimal stage space – you might have an issue.


Not only is the size of your stage important, make sure you ask about the size of the dance floor! After all, it’s no good having an absolutely amazing band if there isn’t enough space for your guests to boogie to them on the night.




5. How easy is the venue to access for the band?

If your band has to carry their equipment up 5 flights of stairs or cross a waterlogged field to get to the performance area – this is definitely something they’ll want to know about prior to your big day.

Instead of letting something like this put you off your dream venue, just use it as an opportunity to make preparations for your band upon arrival. These guys are only human beings after all, so the easier you make it for them to set up after their long journey to your venue, the better a performance you will get out of them. 



Article by Joey Burdon of Warble Entertainment


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